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When you sign up for your completely free Bandbook account, you get the power to stand out amongst all of the bands in your area. Your profile will be easily viewable by what is becoming the world's largest database of bands, fans, musicians, managers, and venues. They'll be able to find you in any number of ways and find out how good your music is and when you'll be playing a show near them. There simply is no better way to promote your band for free in the age of the internet.

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We make it crazy-easy for current and future fans to follow you.

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Potential bandmates can easily connect with you via "Messages".

Recruit Bandmates

Every band has members who drop off for one reason or another, as band-members ourselves, we understand that. Up until now, any chance you had of replacing them with another capable musician was to already know a bevy of talent. Your Bandbook public profile will allow you to let your fans know you are looking for a musician and they'll be able to reach out to you through your Bandbook messages.

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Breaking onto the scene in a big way is a challenge for every up-and-coming band. Bands with a label behind them often have an inherent advantage because their labels market for them. Well your public profile gives your band an instantly credible area where venues can listen to just how talented you are and decide to book you at their venue because your music speaks for you.

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Venues will be able to hear your best stuff and fall in love.