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Glasmus is a word that probably didn't exist before... and that's how it was intended. The band's name could've been any made up word really, because as Guitarist Sam Moreno points out: "the idea was to invent a name for ourselves, that had no association to anything or anyone. Something that in this day and age of million trillion search results, would eventually only gravitate back to our little rock band". So... did it work? Google it. The newly formed California band is a Bilingal rock outfit (english & spanish lyrics) that might remind you of bands like Placebo, Kasabian, Queens Of The Stone Age or At The Drive-In among others, by it's distinct tug-of-war blend of Alternative Rock, Post-Punk and even Post-Rock. They recently released their self-titled debut ep independently (available now on iTunes) and are currently touring in support of it in both Mexico and the U.S. Glasmus was named 91X San Diego's "Local Band of the Month" ("The Local Break", July 2012:, receiving daily spins of the band's first single "We Are Machines". > "Glasmus" EP review by San Diego Red: Buy on iTunes: Buy on Bandcamp:


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